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9:30 - 10:00

Keynote & the Impact of Brexit

Dr Kegang Wu

Chief Representative

China Guangdong Economic & Trade Office in the UK

Brexit will remain a cause of major uncertainty. The nature of the UK’s future trade relationship with the EU is open; and there is unlikely to be an early UK-China Free Trade Agreement.  Little will change in the short term for those seeking to export to, or invest in, China. Nor should Brexit disrupt Chinese investment in, or exporting for, the UK domestic economy. However, firms need to hedge their bets if reliant on the wider European market.

Dr Peter Collecott


The Ambassador Partnership

How has BREXIT effected the opportunity landscape in China and what are the strategic advantages it has brought to UK SMEs who are considering, or already, doing business with or in China? These insights and other potential benefits of our vote to leave the EU are provided via the eyes and ears of our people on the ground in China, allowing your business plans to be created or adapted accordingly.

10:00 - 11:00

Doing Business with China

Ji Bo

Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business (Europe)

Chief Representative & Assistant Dean

The speech will cover the policy supports from Chinese government; the benefits it brings; and how could EU especially UK companies catch this opportunity to lead business forward.

Jon Geldart

Chief Representative

China Guangdong Economic and Trade Office in the UK

Guangdong, with a population of 106 million, is arguably the trading capital of China with 21 cities that include cities such as Guangzhou (the provincial capital where the world renounced Canton Fair is staged twice a year) and Shenzhen, the city that most epitomises China’s magic rise and is acknowledged as the Chinese Silicon Valley). The China Guangdong Economic and Trade Office in the United Kingdom (the Guangdong Office) represents the Guangdong Province of China. It is responsible for the promotion of economic ties, trade, manufacturing, technological and international investment. We support British companies, business bodies and government organization in doing business with the province.

Founder and president

Michael Zhu

Lan-bridge Communications

Building a business from the bottom-up in China

In 2000, Michael Zhu founded his translation and interpreting company, Lan-bridge Communications, with just three employees in a small Chengdu office. Today, the company is one of the largest and most successful of its kind in China, with offices in London and 13 different Chinese cities, and over 500 full-time employees. In 2017 alone, Michael finished studying an EMBA with the Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business and oversaw the opening of 4 new Lan-bridge offices in China.  Michael will give an introduction to entrepreneurship in China and highlight the important differences and similarities between doing business there and in the West.

11:30 - 12:15

Young Business Leaders Forum

Sally Maier-Yip, Chun Qing,  James Lavender,

Young Business Leaders Forum

Three well-recognised young (under 40) business leaders, Sally Maier-Yip, MD and Founder of 11K Consulting, Chun Qing Li, Founder of KREOD Architecture and China Britain International Design Week, and James Lavender, Managing Director of Synergy Learning, will share their first-hand experience and learning about running their successful UK-China related businesses in their respective sectors. They will also share their top tips on doing business with China and insights on the future of their industries.

12:15 - 13:00

Luxury Market Focus

Eric Francis Manu

Founder and Managing Director

EM Brokerage Group Concierge

What Chinese HNWI's Want?

Chinese fastest-growing number of new High-Net-Worth-Individuals (HNWIs) in the world.

Topic to discuss are:

Luxury Lifestyle

Luxury Concierge Services

Luxury Apartment/Property

UK top 10 Private Schools

Private Member Events

Luxury Brands

Luxury Travel- Super Cars Experience

14:00 - 15:00

Marketing, PR & Advertising

Carol Chan

Founder & Managing Director

Comms8 Ltd.

What Chinese HNWI's Want?

Chinese fastest-growing number of new High-Net-Worth-Individuals (HNWIs) in the world.

Topic to discuss are:

Luxury Lifestyle


Julian Boulding



Engaging with Chinese consumers - 2018 style

Achieving emotional engagement with young Chinese consumers requires a very different approach from what works in the west. Traditional mass media is expensive and rarely effective.  This presentation looks at a highly successful case history – the launch of "Wines of Chile" onto the Chinese market, entirely through social and viral media, achieving tens of millions of engagements and making an unknown brand famous, with a minimal media investment – and draws lessons which can also be applied to your marketing campaign.


14:00 – 15:00 Marketing, PR & Advertising

Speakers: c Founder & Managing Director, Comms8 Ltd.

Julian Boulding, President, The Network One

Jay Smith, Co-founder and MD, Beiwei 55

Darren Jacobs, Head of Global Digital Media, iClick Interactive Asia Limited


14:15 - 15:00


David Parkin


National Grid Gas Distribution

A presentation on why National Grid Gas Distribution (NGGD) has engaged with the gogreengas project and why it sees BioSNG as part of the UK’s future energy solution. With fossil fuels diminishing globally and alternative solutions being sought, this presentation aims to show you a new viable source. NGGD will demonstrate how gogreengas will help meet the needs of the market and deliver targets set by government on future carbon emissions.


Chris Manson-Whitton


Progressive Energy Limited

A step by step guide on how gogreengas was developed. The aim of this presentation is to show how we developed the world’s first commercially viable facility to convert household waste to bio substitute natural gas (BioSNG). The presentation will summarise the process, the concept and how we are delivering it. We will show how we moved from a simple test idea to a commercially viable product that is now aligned with the UK’s local government.


Dr Tim Johnson

Technical Director

Tetronics International

A presentation on how energy from waste capacity is set to grow, leading to a significant increase in APCr/FlyAsh production. This hazardous waste represents a significant environmental challenge and a safe treatment solution to this waste is imperative. Increases in Chinese and European legislation have reduced existing and future landfill capacity, resulting in increased taxes. Tetronics International’s clean plasma technology provides a method for completely removing the hazardous nature of APCr wastes and improving the environment.


15:00 - 16:00


Adam Knight


Tong Digital

Cross-Border Social Commerce in China

This session will explore the intersection of social media and eCommerce in China, exploring practical ways in which brands can leverage the power of WeChat to access a new generation of tech-savvy connected consumers.


Lisa Weaver-Lambert

Managing Director

Fitzroy Club

How to engage our tech-savvy, hyper-mobile, multi-tasking younger generation

If there’s one thing that the younger generation is good at, it’s breaking with tradition. This highly educated generation takes an entirely new approach to life. If you want to market towards today’s younger generation, then you’ll need to break with

a few traditions of your own. We conducted research to understand their unique needs and wants and would like to share some insights with you.



Chao Liu

Chief Commercial Officer

Avenue 51

This session will use Waitrose as a case study to highlight some ways to sell and market UK brands in China. Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent are key channels to access the Chinese consumers. Waitrose has used marketing techniques such as live streaming, WeChat and Taobaoke to launch successfully in China through online channels, and bridge the culture gap between an iconic British brand, and Chinese consumers who do 90% of their cross-border shopping on mobile.


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